Announcing Weekend Herb Blogging #347

A dried version of the fresh Mirasol chile, the Guajillo chile is a dark reddish brown chile that is relatively mild, rating 2500-5000 on the Scoville scale. Its flavor is reminiscent of green tea with berry overtones. As it is a thick chile, it requires more soaking time than other dried chiles and its flavor is enhanced by toasting before soaking. The Guajillo is most commonly sold whole and is used in sauces, salsas and can be ground into powder for use as a chile powder or to for pastes. For my contribution (posted later this week) to WHB #347 as host will be Shrimp in Red Escabeche using a Roasted Red Guajillo Salsa.

I’m pleased to be hosting  Weekend Herb Blogging #347, created by the Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen and now superbly managed by Haalo of Cooks (Almost) Anything Once. I’d love to have your submissions  between now and Sunday, August 19th by 3pm  Utah USA time. On Monday, the 20th, I will post the roundup for this event. The rules are simple and can be found here. Please email your entry to lynnylu AT gmail DOT com  with WHB #347 in the subject line and in addition the following information—

Your Name

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Your Location

Your Attached Photo, not more than 400 px wide.

WHB #348 will be hosted by A.B.C at Fragoliva. WHB #346 Roundup-Susan of the Well-Seasoned Cook.


Please do not use images or text without my permission. 

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