Blood Orange Ice Cream with Blood Orange Caramel Sauce

The last of the blood orange season seems to be upon us now, but I have enjoyed using them this winter. Just recently, I found some Moro blood oranges in a local grocery store tucked away near the navel oranges.The Moro is an early blood orange and its flesh is one of the more deeply pigmented of the blood orange family,nearly purple red, with the rind having a reddish pink blush when fully mature.This ice cream recipe comes from Joyce Goldstein’s book,“The Mediterranean Kitchen”, published in 1989. The cookbook has a fabulous collection of recipes from the sun-drenched countries of the Mediterranean; simple seasonal foods that are unpretentious, yet satisfying and not difficult to prepare. It takes a substantial number of blood oranges to get enough juice for this ice cream so feel free to use another citrus juice such as the navel orange or tangerine juice; however with tangerines, getting the grated zest is more difficult. A great special occasion ice cream. Serve with oranges segments alone or with this lush blood orange caramel sauce.Blood Orange Ice Cream2 cups blood orange juice (about 12 oranges)4 cups whipping cream3/4 cup sugarGrated zest of 4 blood oranges9 large egg yolks1 -1/2 teaspoons vanilla extractHeat the jucie to boiling in a saucepan and boil until reduced to 1 cup. Mix the cream, sugar, and the zest of 3 oranges in a saucepan and heat to barely simmering, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Remove from heat and let stand 10 minutes.Lightly whisk the egg yolks until completely blended. Whisk about 1 cup hot cream into the yolks, then whisk into the remaining cream mixture. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, 3-5 minutes. Do not boil as mixture will curdle.Strain the custard into a mixing bowl and stir in the reduced juice, the vanilla, and remaining orange zest. Place immediately in a larger bowl filled with ice water and chill, stirring occasionally. Refrigerate overnight. Freeze in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions.Serve with Blood Caramel Sauce. Makes 1 quart.Blood Orange Caramel Sauce 2 cups sugar1/4 cup water1 cup blood orange juice (about 6 blood oranges)Grated zest of about 1/2 blood orangeCombine the sugar and water in a heavy saucepan and caramelize ( See Note below). Pour in the juice off the heat using care as the caramel may splatter. The caramel will harden into a mass. Stir over medium heat until the sugar remelts and the sauce is smooth. Chill. Taste, if the caramel is bland, add the zest. Serve at room temperature or warm it over hot water. Makes 2 cups.


  1. Michele
    March 3, 2010 / 5:48 am

    Fantastic! I love blood oranges!

  2. Liz
    March 5, 2010 / 6:17 am

    Oh, this sounds (and looks) amazing! I have had a disappointing blood orange season–all the ones I've tried have been pretty tasteless and dry. But I still love them and keep the faith…maybe the *next* one will be good…

  3. Anonymous
    March 6, 2010 / 7:08 am

    These oranges are new to me. Have never come across this variety over here. Lovely dessert!:)

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