Pears in Red Wine

Pear in Red Wine Originally uploaded by Lynnylu.

This recipe is a conglomerate of several different recipes that I have seen, but the basics are the same-pears poached in wine, red or wine, with a fruit juice added along with some spices such as star anise used here and vanilla beans.6 medium pears,( not too ripe or they will be too soft when done), peeled with stems left on.3/4 bottle, (750 ml. ) zinfandel -drink the rest1 cup pear nectar1 vanilla bean1 star anise2 cups sugarBring wine, pear nectar and an equal amount of cold water to a simmer. Add sugar, star anise, and vanilla bean, split lengthwise. Add pears to liquid and simmer about 20 minutes until just tender. Turn off heat and let cool in liquid. Remove pears and boil liquid until reduced by half. The syrup wil be thickend somewhat.When serving pears whole, cut out core and pour syrup over. Cored whole pears can also be stuffed.Serves 6


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