Poor Man’s Black Velvet Drink-Thirsty Thursday

Our jet lag hadn’t worn off before we were up at 4 am BST time to catch the first flight of the day out of Bournemouth, England to fly to Dublin for a fast 2 days hoping to take in as much sightseeing as possible. In our hotel by 8:30am, we treated ourselves to a full Irish breakfast which probably saved our lives as we were completely knackered. Taking advantage of the Dublin City “hop on, hop off bus tour”,  we hit all the high spots of Dublin and even had a chance to do some shopping at one of the local Irish products store. Most memorable was the famous Temple Bar section of Dublin and the Guinness Storehouse self-guided tour of the Guinness brewery ending on the seventh floor Gravity bar for a complimentary pint of Guinness beer. The panoramic view of the city is fantastic!

Now I love a cold beer and I can drink a Guinness occasionally, but a lighter option is preferable. A Black Velvet is a beer cocktail using Guinness Stout beer and champagne created by a bartender in 1861 to mourn the passing of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s Prince Consort. Tradition suggests the  glass is poured with half of the Guinness stout  and the champagne is poured over a spoon to create two layers.  A poor man’s Black Velvet, however, consists of hard apple cider instead of the champagne. Because the density of the layers differs from the champagne, the cider is poured in the glass first, followed by the Guinness poured over a spoon to create the layers.  Try this version with your next Guinness.

Poor Man’s Black Velvet

In a beer glass, pour Guinness Stout to fill half the glass. Pour cider into glass over the back of a spoon to make the two layers. Serve immediately. Makes one drink.

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