Some of My Favorite Kitchen Tools

“In department stores, so much kitchen equipment is bought indiscriminately by people who just come in for men’s underwear.”Julia Child A whole lot of my kitchen tools have been bought indiscriminately, but pictured are a few which might have been bought on a lark at first, but have worked their way into being an indispensable part of my kitchen activities. These are only a small sampling of the many tools I use in my kitchen and they worked well to photograph.From left to right, the wooden spoon has been used for a jam spoon, a spoon for chocolate mousse and or getting mustard out of the tiny openings that a normal spoon wouldn’t fit. The spoon is also a perfect teaspoon measure. The granite molecajete y tejolote which is easier to prime and clean than the lava version was bought in a kitchen supply store locally. Not only is the molecajete y tejolote useful for grinding small amounts for seasonings, but doubles as a serving dish for guacamole and salsas.Moving around, the wooden pie dough tamper flattens out the dough in tart shells and is available in many kitchen stores and online. Wooden prep bowls hold spices and herbs for mise en place which means setting in place or organizing to save time in the kitchen. I use the small rolling pin to roll out tortillas and pastry for empanadas and other small pastry items.The wooden salt spoon holds about a half teaspoon and is kept in a salt pig by the stove as is the wooden coffee spoon which is handy for use as a tablespoon as well as a measure for coffee. A favorite for picnics is the knife bought from Williams-Sonoma years ago and is still available. From Ikea in the garden shop is the small galvanized tin holding the paprika. I have four of thes which I used for individual portions of sesame sweet potato fries or as condiment dishes. They are perfect containers to hold mustard, catsup, pickles and mayonnaise for burgers or hot the garden shop is the small galvanized tin holding the paprika.Sesame Sweet Potato FriesBrush long slices of sweet potatoes with a combined mixture of vegetable and sesame oil. Sprinkle with sea salt and place in a 400 degree farenheit or 200 degree celsius oven and bake until the sweet potato is golden.From New Food Fast by Donna Hay


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