The Demise of the Shrimp Boat “Dammit”-Black and White Wednesday #137

For the longest time, the shrimp boat “Dammit” along with Po Boy Too was moored in the Vernon River near the mouth of the Burnside River as one turns left on the ICW to head out to Wassau Island.  The shrimp boats were quite productive in their day, but the price of diesel fuel and the rising costs of maintaining the boats led to their demise.  The owners of these books basically abandoned them and they were left to eventually either fall apart and sink, break their moorings and randomly float with the tide until they were washed up ashore or hit a dock or purposely moved to avoid being a navigation hazard.

The Shrimp Boat “Dammit” in Better Days

 “Dammit” Vernon River-Savannah
The once proud “Dammit” Sinks During Move
Derelict Dammit


“Dammit” Vernon River

The black and white image of the shrimp boat”Dammit” is my contribution to Black and White Wednesday #137 hosted by its founder, Susan and is now managed by Cinzia


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