Thirsty Thursday-Red Wine Granita and White Sangria with Summer Fruit

Today’s Thirsty Thursday features a red wine granita, basically frozen wine sweetened, and from my friend,  Vibi at LaCasseroleCaree, another wine inspired potation, White Sangria With Summer Fruit.

 A gutsy cousin to the sorbet, granite (plural for granita) are rough grained semi-frozen crystals of ice made from a sugar syrup, fruit juice, puree or flavored liquids.  Granite are most often frozen in a shallow freezer safe pan and raked or scraped every thirty minutes or so until large coarse crystals are formed.

This is my second granita post for Thirsty Thursday. The first was an espresso granita con panna, a recreation of one I enjoyed while visiting Rome last year. A hearty Zinfandel is used in this red wine granita, a perfect light dessert, served alone or with fresh fruit.

Red Wine Granita

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 bottle (750ml) Zinfandel red wine, or another similar wine
Juice of 1 lime
2 tablespoons Triple Sec

Combine water and sugar in a non-reactive saucepan. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool completely.

Combine the syrup, wine, lime juice and Triple Sec. Pour into a 9×13 freezer safe baking dish. Cover with plastic wrap. Freeze for 1 hour, then using a large fork, scrape the ice every 30 minutes or so, until large coarse pieces are formed. Serve in a chilled glass. This granita keeps well for about 5 days in the freezer.

Vibi’s colorful white sangria with summer fruit comes together quickly and needs only one hour in the refrigerator to allow the fruity flavors to develop. A great beverage for a Friday night grill-out. For the recipe, visit LaCasseroleCarree.



  1. Alina
    July 2, 2010 / 2:46 pm

    That Sangria looks amazing!I came across your blog from Foodieblogroll and became your newest follower. If you need some inspiration, follow me!

  2. Lynnylu
    July 5, 2010 / 10:14 am

    Thanks for the follow, Alina. Your blog is very interesting. Will do.

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