Weekend Herb Blogging #245 Roundup

Lovely food photography and some very tantalizing and unique dishes abound in this WHB#245 roundup! Thanks to all who participated and to Haalo of cookalmostanything for her excellent management of Weekend Herb Blogging. In no particular order—

Lemon Basil Almond Pesto

First, from Janet in Toronto who blogs at  thetastespace, an emerald green Lemon Basil Almond  Pesto. Rather than using the traditional pounding technique using a mortar and pestle, Janet successfully whirled her pesto in a circa 1970 food processor. The added citrus juice and zest gave the pesto a pleasant bite while the almonds added a sweet taste.

Chickpea Pockets with Tomato Basil Chutney

Inspired by a fellow blogger’s chickpea patties, Chris of melecotte bakes up some  Creamy Chickpea Pockets with Tomato Basil Chutney. The filling is comprised of canned chickpeas, zucchini, tri-colored peppers, red onion, a delicious combination stuffed in a pastry crust, baked and topped with a tangy tomato basil chutney. Chris blogs from Atlanta, only a few hours from my home in Augusta. 

Rosemary Oil with Orange and Black Peppercorns

It looks like I may have to buy another cookbook! Pam from sidewalkshoes in Tennessee bakes-yes bakes!- a flavorful oil infused with fresh rosemary, orange rind and black peppercorns. The recipe comes from The Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving which has kept Pam happily infusing other flavorful oils such as Five Pepper oil and Dried Porcini Mushroom with Rosemary Oil. The oils will keep about a month refrigerated, but with so many ways to use the oils, they probably will be gone before a month is up.

Zucchini Crudo

Perfect for those who have a seemingly never-ending abundance of zucchini and yellow squash in their home gardens, Joanne from eatswellwithothers serves us an Italian raw zucchini salad prepared by slicing and salting the summer squashes, then letting them sit for a few minutes in a colander to drain before tossing them with a basic shallot and garlic lemon vinaigrette, almonds, dill and feta cheese. With a last name of Bruno, we trust Joanne when she says “everything tastes better in Italian”!

Pea Soup with Smoked Ham Hock

Haalo of cooksalmostanything and the lovely manager of Weekend Herb Blogging dishes up a classic ham and pea soup, but is extra flavor comes from cooking the peas in a smoked ham broth, then the prepared soup is garnished with a additional fresh peas, leeks and bits of smoked ham sauteed in butter. Even though we are in the throes of a hot, hot summer here in Georgia, this soup would be a hit!

Marinated Cheese

Along with some lovely photos of Lake Garda and a Sunday get together with friends included, Bri from briibloginenglish prepares for us a wedge of creamy Italian Tomino and a wedge of French Brie with sage leaves,  juniper, pepper and fresh chilies, which she marinates in sunflower oil for two days in the refrigerator. Bri suggests serving this with fresh red onion rings.

Oven Roasted Mango Hummingbird Cake

Little Maybelle is a lucky girl to have her mom make this beautifully decorated six layer birthday cake made in hummingbird cake style with three fruits oven roasted in their skins for an intense fruit flavor. Mango is the predominate fruit, but white peaches and bananas round out the flavor. Maybellesmom who blogs from Cleveland, Ohio flavors this roasted fruit batter with cinnamon, cardamom, saffron and diced pineapple. Roasted Mango Hummingbird Cake will be the next birthday cake I make for my family.

Easy Watermelon Rind Preserves and Angel Biscuits

For my contribution as host of WHB#245, I reached back to my childhood to make an easier, less complicated watermelon rind preserves to serve on with a yeast-raised biscuit whose name Angel biscuits is fitting as they are as light and ethereal as angel wings. The preserves are cooked in a lemon ginger syrup which also can be used to flavor tea or a bourbon cocktail.


  1. janet
    August 9, 2010 / 5:20 pm

    A lovely round-up, Lynne! :)Such wonderful and unique dishes from everyone.

  2. maybelle's mom
    August 10, 2010 / 12:18 am

    what an impressive round up. happy to be part of it.

  3. Joanne
    August 10, 2010 / 12:53 am

    What a lovely round up! Everyone's dishes are just so seasonal!

  4. chris
    August 10, 2010 / 12:57 am

    This is a GREAT round up. Lovin' so many of the dishes. Thanks for putting it together!

  5. Haalo
    August 10, 2010 / 1:34 am

    Thanks so much for hosting Lynne – everything looks so good and wow, that is one amazing cake too!

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