Weekend Herb Blogging #397-The Roundup

Reds and greens are the dominant colors in today’s roundup of  Weekend Herb Blogging #397. Ripe red strawberries bursting with flavor, plump meaty red tomatoes from a CSA box, green radicchio with brilliant red splotches, and juicy red watermelon-all fashioned into tantalizing dishes to incorporate into any meal.

Strained Roasted Tomatoes


Remembering her summers as child helping her mother preserve tremendous amounts of tomatoes, Simona has no warm feelings about the food mill, but as an adult has managed to turn this once dreaded task into a joy.

I took a long break from those days and when I decided I wanted to preserve tomatoes for off-season use, I developed my own way. I process a relatively small amount of tomatoes at a time, so the task never feels like a crushing burden. And I first roast the tomatoes, which come to my kitchen thanks to my summer CSA share. Plump, meaty and bursting with flavor, they are of a variety called Trinity.”

Grilled Castelfranco Radicchio

Haalo-Cook (Almost) Anything Once

 Haalo uses a cast iron pan to grill these wedges of radicchio, but says a BBQ grill can be used.  Not the traditional red radicchio, this beauty is nearly white dotted with ruby red splotches lovely green edged leaves.

“If you think of radicchio you’re probably going to picture it as a red vegetable – whether it is the round Chioggia or the elongated Treviso – so when I saw this at the market I knew I had to buy it. It is classed as a white radicchio, its leaves speckled with “radicchio red”. A winter only crop it originates from Castelfranco in Veneto.”

Sugarless Strawberry Jam-Second Experiment

Cinzia-Cindy Star Blog

A true recipe developer, Cinzia makes yet another delicious sugarless strawberry jam! Her family must be constantly delighted!

The first strawberry jam experimentwas very positive, but I used some pectin in it and read afterwards it contained a very very small amount of sugar anyway.

So I did try again without any sugar contamination, and it was a very positive try indeed!

Pretty fast too,  in half an hour you will be able to fill three jars of nicely perfumed and consistent red berries jam,  flavored with a hint of dried elder flowers.”

Watermelon Prosciutto and Melon

Lynne-Cafe Lynnylu

Think it’s tuna or beef, look again! Removing much of the water from these slices of watermelon transforms them into perfect slices to wrap around other melon wedges.

Growing up in the South, sprinkling salt on our watermelon was a rite of passage. You learned it from your grandma who learned it from her grandma and so on—-By curing these thin quarters of watermelon between the two salt blocks, much of the water is extracted leaving a consistency much like prosciutto.”

Thanks guys! If I’ve erred in any way, please let me know and I will fix it!


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  1. Simona
    August 19, 2013 / 4:27 pm

    How cool! It almost looks like we agreed before had to use red in our dishes for this week. Thank you for hosting and for the lovely roundup, Lynne.P.S. This week, WHB is chez moi.

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